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Children Exploring Nature

A few weeks ago, Outdoor Adventures led a trip to Maquoketa Cave State Park located in the Raccoon Creek Valley of Iowa two hours west of Sycamore!

This unique park is home to limestone caves, restored prairies, and scenic trails to explore. The most famous and challenging attraction is the Wye cave.

Although this trip had to be cut short due to severe weather, it was still an unforgettable adventure. A participant brought her daughter with her and shared her thoughts about this wonderful experience.

Tracey and her daughter were grateful for the Outdoor Adventure trip leaders' kindness beyond measure. "They did a great job as team leaders. I would sign up for any trips they are leading!"

It was heartwarming for Tracey to hear her daughter explain the trip to others. She rated the trip 100 out of 10 and expressed that it was better than Disney World.

Her daughter journaled about the trip and impressed her teacher as she was able to spend the weekend camping with an illustration major and physics Ph.D. student.

Parents want their children to new experience challenges to understand how big and wonderful the world is, and having a child present made the adult participants try more activities than they normally would!

Children are always learning from us, but maybe we can learn from them too.

Tracey recommends OA trips to others because it's a positive experience for participants and families.

We will ensure that all trip details are accounted for and safety is our top priority!

"The best part of the trip was watching my child's confidence grow as she overcame challenges. She was nervous the first time she entered the cave, and by the last cave, she wanted to lead the group. Being outdoors provides both mental and physical challenges to overcome in a safe environment with OA."

Tracey and her daughter gained memories as this was an impactful trip for their family. She shared that children forget presents, but they don't forget experiences.

The outdoors are beneficial for children's vitamin D levels, exercise, brain functioning, mental health, social-emotional learning, and more.

An appreciation for nature is built in childhood, and parents can facilitate family time outside to create a strong foundation.

Spending the weekend camping and caving is a great idea for many families. These new experiences teach children to expect the unexpected which is a life skill that can't be taught in school.

Creativity is expanded when toys are removed and time is spent outdoors. Children learn to use adaptive thinking and find clever ways to have fun.

Children's brains have a critical period of development that technology can interfere with. Having interactions with others and exploring nature allows them to learn useful skills.

All are welcome to sign up for an enjoyable experience at Outdoor Adventures! Whether you decide to sign up with a friend, partner, family member, or alone, we'll make your trip one to remember.

Grow closer with your loved ones or connect with new friends that also share an interest in the outdoors. Take a breath of fresh air and plan a summer of camping, caving, and paddling.

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