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Fun with Future Farmers of America

Outdoor Adventures kicked off its first of many summer events May 25. The Scales Mound High school’s chapter of Future Farmers of America came out for some fun with us while also developing their team building skills.

Team building

The group started off their day bright and early with a quick tour around the rec and soon set off into one of the fitness studios.

Team building was the focus during the morning. Activities included memory games, sharing similarities and interests and of course there had to be some sort of trust fallesque event that would bring it all together.

Bullring was the most pivotal activity. The group had an objective of moving a tennis ball from one cone to another. Sounds simple enough, it’s not. The tennis ball needs to be moved by all the members of the group at the same time by each of them holding a piece of string attached to a ring that sits under the ball.

The first go around was tough. The group had to reset the ball a couple times before they could really get a hold of it by eliminating enough slack and cooperating to move the ball across the studio floor.

The second attempt gave way to a breakthrough for the group. Obstacles were now set on the floor including hula hoops and cones as well as handicaps to the participants including blindfolding some of them and tying their feet together representing problems in life such as personal and family issues, tests, and other stressors that may hinder a team.

By warning each other of obstacles, advising those who had blindfolds and taking the right steps toward the bullring. The group completed the activity while also realizing the issues that can arise in a team and how to handle them.


Our team building activities with Scales Mound would also include a session of Bouldering.

In order to further help them with their communication skills, the group was given a game on our bouldering wall.

The 6 of them would be set up on different part of the bouldering wall and would have to communicate in order to get to the opposite ends from where they started.


The weather was perfect for a long paddle on the lagoon. The early summer breeze kept a cooler briskness to the air, but with no clouds in the sky the sun kept us toasty in our sweatshirts.

Chris our Assistant Director and I would get the group set up with kayaks and coordinated races across the Lagoon for the group of Future Farmers while we paddled along in our Canoe.

The single kayaks were quick, but the double kayaks were quicker, by working together those in the double kayaks would be able to paddle in tandem to win the race.

After tiring out the group, we all relaxed on the water.

Wrapping it up

The Scales Mound FFA ended their day with Chris who would discuss with the group about the importance of the activities we did during the day and discussing with them their own feelings regarding the activities.

The Outdoor Adventures staff is more than excited for the next upcoming events!


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