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OA Staff Summer Series: SUP at Rock Lake


Lake Mills, WI

The waves gently lapping the shore, the warm sun on your back as you dangle your legs into the cool water without a care in the world. A soft cool breeze brings a sweet summer smell of water and sunshine brings you pure relaxation. You may be picturing yourself far away on the east coast at a beautiful ocean beach, but what if I told you that you don’t have to go too far for the same feeling.

This summer I found myself at a lake only an hour away, and it was the perfect little getaway for the summer. Spring semester had just come to a close, and my friends and I were all completely vaccinated, so we started brainstorming the perfect mini vacation. We all love being outside, so of course we needed to find a relaxing place that wasn’t too far but had a bit to offer. So, we looked north to our lake filled neighbor, Wisconsin.

Heather A.
Heather A.

With so many different lakes it’s easy to find one that fits your vacation needs whether you want to camp or stay at a lodge, boat or swim, hike or sunbathe. Lakes really have it all. We only wanted to SUP and enjoy the sun, so we found Rock Lake in the cute little town of Lake Mills. It was the perfect lake for our small group, had a nice little beach with not a ton of people, and it was perfect for the Stand Up Paddle boards that we rented from the Outdoor Adventure center. So, the next time you need a summery beach getaway; try a nearby lake, you may be surprised with how paradise can be just an hour away.

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