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OA Staff Summer Series: Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)


Hello, my name is Maddie! I’ve had quite a busy summer vacation this year. Between working at Outdoor Adventures and taking summer classes, time seems to be flying by. I’ll be a Junior this coming fall semester, even though it feels like I just started attending college! I often feel overwhelmed with assignments and to-do lists, so I really value when I have a chance to enjoy the quiet and do nothing. On my more “relaxed” days, you can find me doing some of my favorite things, like cooking up a delicious meal for my family, reading a good book, or vibing on the piano or drum set.

I’m pretty close with my older sister, Emily, and we spend a lot of time together during the summer. A typical day for us involves morning workouts (weightlifting always!), sharing breakfast (and dinner later), and usually getting chores done together. Most summers we walk to the local library or orchard a few times to check out new books and pick fresh berries, though we haven’t gone as much this year. I really appreciate those moments with Emily—especially now, because soon we’ll be moving into new stages of our lives.

I’m a little sad whenever summer draws to a close because I love warm weather and sunshine. I am looking forward to the fall harvest, though, and even the start of the fall semester at NIU. I’ll be really busy with classes and Outdoor Adventures events—a more “fun” kind of busy—so I hope to see some new faces!

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