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Staying Warm in the Winter

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Danielle Havlik, Outdoor Adventures Graduate Assistant

Are you prepared for your next trip spent outside in freezing temperatures? Winter sports are a great way to stay active, explore nature, and spend time with others. Coming from someone who enjoys being outside as much as possible, I am excited to share some tips about being prepared for your next winter adventure, whether it be ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

My name is Danielle, and I am an Outdoor Adventures graduate assistant. I recently embarked on a cross-country ski trip and thought of some key ideas to keep in mind when planning your next trip. These details might seem minor, but they can make or break your day!

1. Always wear a down coat, snow pants, leggings, wool socks, a scarf, a hat, and gloves or mittens. Wool socks are an excellent first choice to invest in. Carefully choosing a high-quality winter coat is another way to ensure you will stay warm.

2. Layers are so important! You will be moving and potentially producing a lot of body heat. You might need to remove a layer to stay comfortable.

3. Make sure your outdoor clothing fits properly. You want to feel snug but still able to move. Practice bending your legs and arms before leaving your house.

4. Protect your eyes! Don’t forget goggles. It might not be snowing, but the wind can make it very difficult to see.

5. Cover your neck. A gator under your scarf can really help keep you warm.

6. Lip balm is always a good idea! The cold temperatures and wind make our skin and lips become very dry. Apply some lip balm and moisturizer before leaving, and you’ll thank yourself later!

7. Have a safe spot for your devices. Do you plan on bringing your phone to take photos? Make sure you know where you will put it! A waterproof pocket on the inside of your coat is best.

8. Don’t forget snacks! You might have lunch packed in the car, but it’s always good to have something quick to eat while on the go. High-calorie protein bars are a smart option.

Final Tips:

You want to make the most of your day and being comfortable should be a priority when planning your trip! Stop by Outdoor Adventures in the NIU Recreation Center to speak with one of our trained staff members to discuss preparing for your adventure.

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