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There is a Mulberry Tree on Campus

Check it out, its right above the dock at the Lagoon near our canoes and kayaks.

A Memory

When I think of mulberries, my mind drifts back to my younger self enjoying summers at my grandparents’ house in Mount Prospect.

A mulberry tree rooted itself near the fence in their back yard. While our parents would socialize on the patio, my cousins and I would grab a rickety splinter ridden ladder out of my grandparent’s garage.

Each of us with a plastic sandwich bag would try to delicately pick the precious fruits. Even with our gentle picking the mulberries would still burst leaving stains on our hands and clothes. I always aimed to pick the plumpest purple mulberry I could find; those were the ripest.

The Mulberry Tree on Campus

As I stood on the dock next to NIU’s Lagoon the memory rushed through my head. I didn’t really think something as simple as a fruit could bring so much back for me.

As much as I’d like to reminisce on my memories let’s focus! There is a Mulberry tree on campus! The tree is fruiting right now and is producing some tasty berries. In the next couple weeks look for some darker sweeter berries.

Check it out, it is free and not too far away.

There is some low hanging fruit just pick the berries and enjoy making your own memories of summer.

Hey, maybe a great date idea as well. Get your partner, stuff for a picnic, pick some mulberries and enjoy the Lagoon.

Other things to know about the berry

1. It is the silkworms only food source.

2. Mulberries are high in Vitamin C.

3. The red mulberry is endangered in Connecticut and Massachusetts because of an invasive species, the white mulberry.

4. Vincent Van Gogh has a painting called the Mulberry Tree.

5. The first mulberry was planted in England in the 1500s.


3. If you’re trying to get a little crazy, Mulberry Mojitos

5. My personal favorite, Mulberry Ice cream

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