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What is Yoga All About?

Many of us wonder why yoga is so popular. Is it all just a hoax? It seems like everyone knows about it, but only some are dedicated to their practice.

Maybe, if we knew all that yoga can do for us, we would all give it a try. Everyone can benefit from this practice.

My name is Danielle, and I am a graduate assistant for NIU Outdoor Adventures. I took yoga courses in college, and practice regularly. I am excited to share my knowledge with you.

History of Yoga

Let’s begin with a brief history which originated in India. The word “yoga” arose from the Sanskrit “yuj” which means union of human and consciousness.

There are eight limbs of ancient yoga:

  • Yama (social ethics)

  • Niyama (personal ethics)

  • Asana (postures)

  • Pranayama (life force)

  • Pratyahara (turning the senses inwards)

  • Dharana (one-pointed focus)

  • Dhyana (meditation)

  • Samadhi (merging with the self) (Art of Living, 2020).

Yoga Improves our Physical Health

Do you feel aches and pains in your joints? We all become misaligned, and yoga improves our strength and range of motion. There is a beneficial pose for everyone:

  • The cat-cow, downward-facing dog, and extended triangle pose mobilize our spine and relieve back pain.

  • One of the best parts of yoga is that it can be practiced in different environments. You can try it outdoors, or even on a paddleboard!

Yoga is for Everyone

It is imperative to stay active as we age. I minored in gerontology and am pursuing a career in speech-language pathology.

I have learned that our brains change as we age, and being active protects the neuronal connections within our brain.

Yoga Improves our Mental Health

We live in a busy world full of technology and stress, so we must care for our minds. Yoga helps alleviate the effects of anxiety, depression, and attention deficits. It brings our awareness to our breath and the present moment.

Learn about the positive impact of increasing our awareness from OA's Assistant Director, Christine Lagattolla.

How to Get Started

You can enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your own home. Try a beginner class for free to see if yoga is for you!

At OA, we incorporate yoga in some of our incredible programs, such as Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Yoga Day Hikes, and Yoga Camping Retreats.

Final Advice

Start with five minutes per day, and be consistent by making it a routine. You can end your practice with some time in corpse pose before bed.

At OA's Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, we provide a judge-free experience. Go in

to it with an open mind and heart. Award yourself with gratitude and kindness for showing up.

Join us for a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga class today! Register for a 3-week session and receive 30% off. Add all three classes to your cart, and use Promo Code SUPYO. We hope to see you there!


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