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Why we do it

Our biggest goal is to get people outside, and to create a community here in the DeKalb/Sycamore area of friendly adventurers.

Natural spaces heal, teach, guide, and inspire. Developing an appreciation for outdoor recreation is benefits us all and we want to share them with everyone! By providing affordable and accessible leadership, gear, and opportunities, we hope the outdoors can become a space for everyone.

Our mission is connection. Through the channel of outdoor recreation, we hope to connect people with themselves, with nature, and with each other. 

Our vision is to help create a world with more love and respect. When people learn outdoor skills, they become more aware of the earth around them, they have deeper appreciation for natural spaces, and they gain the ability to share it with others. This allows us to take better care of our planet and each other.

The outdoor community has always been a predominately white space, and we are working to change that. Through our affordable (and free) services, trip scholarships, and beginner skill lessons, we hope to open the door for students and community members that may not have had access to the outdoors before. We are actively seeking ways to welcome people of color and strive to create more representation in outdoor recreation.




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"The camping and hiking two day trip with Outdoor Adventures will probably be one of the best experiences I'll remember of my college experience." 

        -Tamara Kruic, Trip Participant


“The day trip enhanced my mood and reduced my stress levels.

-NIU Student

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